Nitish Aggarwal

GSoC 2020 : Mobile App Report

GSoC 2020 is nearing its end. I’m glad to say that I’ve met all the goals as planned in the beginning. You can find out about it in my previous blog posts here. This post is going to be a brief report of all the feature requests implemented, goals accomplished, some stuff that’s left to do and future plans. Project Overview CircuitVe... Read more

Final Phase Week 2: RSpecs & Testing

One of most important thing in software development, testing that’s what this week was focussed onto. As we are coming close to the end of final phase of GSoC, testing & documentation is what is called for. Those green checks and increased coverage is bound to give you chills xD. API Testing (Specs) This Week i spent time adding specs... Read more

Final Phase Week 1: Project Comments & Notifications

Hola guys!! We are now into the finale of GSoC Programme. This Week was focussed on improvements in mobile_app & implementation of project_comments with fcm_notifications. Project’s Comments PR #1590 aimed at implementing comments for projects. commontator is being used for handling comments in projects (acts_as_commontable). Skimming... Read more

GSoC 2020 : Second Phase Report

The second evaluations happened from July 27th to July 31st, I Passed!!! This blog post comes as a summary to the work done in the second phase of Google Summer of Code. API Enhancements This phase i worked on improving the APIs, with projects & authentication enhancements catching the limelight. Projects Enhancements Collaborators ... Read more

GSoC 2020 : First Phase Report

The first evaluations happened from June 29th to July 3rd and Yaaass.. I Passed!!! This blog post comes as a summary to the amazing work done in the first phase of Google Summer of Code. The mobile_app project was primarily focussed on two sub projects as follows: CircuitVerse API development. The Mobile App. Overview Before the G... Read more